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IR35 ​Investigation Process

IR35 Investigation Process
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IR35 Enquiry Process

An IR35 enquiry can be a stressful and prolonged event. The majority of investigations will close, whether positively or negatively, before reaching tribunal. It is rare for an enquiry to go through this whole process all the way to tribunal, however below we lay out the full IR35 investigation process for your information.

Our IR35 experts have successfully defended over 1,600 enquiries, and our Head of Tax is a former HMRC Inspector of Taxes himself, providing Qdos with the first-hand experience needed to handle IR35 investigations.

  • 1. Letter

  • 2. Response

  • 3. Client Involvement

  • 4. The Outcome

  • 5. Appeals and Dispute Resolution

  • 6. Tax Tribunals and Higher Court Options

  • 7. Final Decision


Tax & IR35 Cover

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From £199.00 Tax Liability Cover (TLC35)
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